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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finals are over!!!!

Yesterday was our Finals. I was so nervous and I had been ill all day. Not a good way to start out. We were tested on three formations, straight, 123 and beach. I did alright on the straight and 123. Unfortunately I really blew the beach formation. Anrol was kind enough to give me another chance. I practiced and practiced and practiced! This morning I once again practiced up until the point that I had to do it for Anrol.

I PASSED THE FINALS!!!! I am now an elite model with CWS.

This journey has been something I will never forget. I have made some great friends through this and I look forward to modeling with them and getting to know them better.

My mentor, Debbiedoo is one of them. She inspires me, encourages and supported me. I am deeply grateful to her and everything that she has done for me.

I will keep you posted on upcoming events.

Graduation is next Thursday.

Whooo hooo I am a model!

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